About us

Eray Architecture decoration wood industry company, which has undertaken many projects for more than 25 years, started to make toys from trees with the desire to make organic toys for children since 2008. The resulting puzzle animal toys have received so much attention from the children of our company and its friends around it; they became toys in them and realized that the products were enjoyed by the children.

How can we develop this idea for all children later? Based on his idea, Eray Architecture, which carries the toy business to a completely professional structure, created the Eray Unique wooden puzzle toys brand. 

Nowadays, 2000 square meters of indoor, 10000 square meters of open space production facilities established in Istanbul with expert teams are completely natural, absolutely without any harmful substances for children, do not tire the perception of children, skill development wooden toys are produced that allow them to learn depth perception and help develop hand-eye coordination, not limit their imaginations to specific stories and patterns.

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